Motor Vehicle Accident*

Explanation of Protocols - For Patients

It is possible that if you have an injury in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) recently, you may be diagnosed with a simple MVA injury. If this happens you will have a choice to make regarding how we move forward with the treatment of your injury.

Next paragraphs will attempt to explain the choices.

In Alberta, there is an agreement between the government and insurance companies in an attempt to standardize treatment available and reduce litigation of MVA injuries. This agreement is called the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Protocols. You have a choice as to whether or not to be treated within these protocols.

Inside Protocols: If you are treated inside protocols you are entitled to either 10 or 21 visits (depending on the severity of your injury) with health care providers within the next 3 months (from the date of the accident) that will be paid for by your MVA insurance. These protocols work for typical acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and/or physiotherapy. (This clinic can treat your MVA related injury with up to 21 acupuncture treatments and we will bill your MVA insurance companies directly, please call us at 403-455-8811 for details).

Within protocols, if after the three months you have recovered fully then everything is fine. Alternatively, if you require more treatment you will use your personal insurance until it is exhausted; if more treatment is necessary you will be entitled to Section B which allows for $250 of additional acupuncture. Typical, once Section B is exhausted the insurance company is finished with what they are required to pay, and further treatment will be your personal responsibility. When you are treated within protocols your ability to file a legal claim for damages is limited by this agreement.

Outside Protocols: If you are treated outside protocols, you will use your personal insurance until it has been exhausted; if more treatment remains necessary you will also be entitled to Section B. (Remember Section B allows for $250 of additional acupuncture.) After Section B is exhausted further treatment is again your responsibility. In this instance there are no limits put on your ability to claim for damages by the government and insurance companies.

For more information on your specific situation, please call your auto insurance company.

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